What are the 3 most anticipated series of 2023?

2023 is going to be a busy year on every streaming platform so we wanted to put the spotlight on 3 series today: Daisy Jones and the Six, Lockwood & co and The Last of Us. Don’t forget to tell us your thoughts in the comments! 

After promising trailers, The Last of Us series is finally here! It was a highly anticipated show and when we look at the numbers for the first episode, we have a confirmation: more than 10 million viewers have seen it in the first two days!

It seems that everything was reunited to make this series a successful one. First, it’s adapted from an iconic video-game, acclaimed by both fans and critics. Second, it’s created by Craig Mazin, known for his work on the award-winning miniseries Chernobyl, and Neil Druckmann, the creator of the game. And finally, the main characters are played by two very talented actors : Bella Ramsey and Pedro Pascal. We don’t know if the fact that they are both coming from the sets of Game of Thrones helped them, but the result is here: they have a beautiful chemistry. 

Only one episode will be available every Monday on HBO. It could be a little frustrating but this way, everyone will have time to truly appreciate The Last of Us without risking any spoiler. It’s not every day that such a beautiful series is on our screens after all! 

Lockwood & Co is another highly anticipated series we wanted to talk to you about. In fact, it’s based on Jonathan Stroud‘s series of bestselling novels so the fanbase is already here. With 8 episodes, the show will tell the story of a ghost-hunting agency. 

The main character, Lucy, is played by Ruby Stokes, who you may know from Bridgerton. She’s an impulsive teenager and will be helped in her adventure by Anthony and George, played by Cameron Chapman and Ali Hadji-Heshmati

With the recent success of series like Wednesday or Shadow and Bone, we can safely say that fantasy and mystical children have something special that everyone loves. There’s not no doubt that Lockwood & Co will follow that trend, so get ready to join the ghost-hunting crew on January 27 on Netflix!

Finally, let’s talk about Daisy Jones and the Six, which is perhaps the most anticipated series of 2023. Adapted from the best-selling novel by Taylor Jenkins-Reid and developed by Reese Witherspoon’s production company, Daisy Jones & The Six will talk about a band and a solo artiste coming together to create a unique album. The author, inspired by the band Fleetwood Mac, wanted to write a story about how the lines between real life and performance can get blurred.

You may think that Daisy Jones and the Six will be a classic romantic and musical show but it will be refreshing to have a series set in the 70’s. Eververyone is also very excited to see if the series stays true to the book and how the characters are brought to life.  

The only bad news about Daisy Jones and the Six is that Prime Video already announced that it will be a unique season. But the good news is that it will introduce you to Taylor Jekins-Reid’s universe. And here at Sounds of Series, we recommand you to read Carrie Soto is back, it is a wonderful novel.

For now, Daisy Jones and the Six premieres on March 3 on Prime Video

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