11 special Funko Pop for Halloween!

Halloween is coming soon. And we know that you love the monstrous atmosphere of this holiday. So we made you a small selection of very nice Funko Pop on the theme of Halloween!

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A great classic for Funko Pop collectors. Who doesn’t have at least one Mickey or Mini? Well, if you don’t, don’t panic, we don’t blame you! You can catch up now haha!


Currently, we are falling for all four. They are just adorable! Who has never been a fan of minions? Who has never had an object with the effigy of these characters completely zany but at the same time very endearing? In any case, they are our favorite figurines!


A Halloween without talking about the universe of ‘The Purge’ is not a real Halloween. The franchise has now become a reference for October 31st. Easy to dress up, rather fun and very aesthetic sometimes, it is a sure success for your future parties. You can be inspired by these 5 figurines, which are just stylish!