TEST: What are your chances of survival in Squid Game ?

You liked the article on Squid Game, so we decided to create a test that will determine if you have the ability to survive the squid game. Share your result with us!

Are you the type to act alone, in a group or both?

Did you often play school games as a child?

What behavior defines you the most?

What would you have done in a night scrimmage?

During the distribution of rations, would you have cheated to take someone's food?

Shirts numbered from 1 to 16 are in front of you before the start of a game, which one do you choose?

Are you physically strong?

During a game of 1,2,3 sun, a man is about to fall, what is your reaction?

What is your main motivation to participate in the squid game?

You are asked to form a pair for the next game, which character from the series do you choose?

Would you have survived in "Squid Game"?
You have a 0% chance of survival

You have a 20% chance of survival

You have a 50% chance of survival

You have an 80% chance of survival