The Batman : a sequel already planned ?

The new « The Batman » starring Robert Pattinson and Zoë Kravitz has just came out in theaters ; on March 2, 2022, and it is already making fans talk. And…it seems like a sequel is already planned. We are telling you everything in this article !
(Spoilers warning !)

We won’t tell you about the amazing cinematography of this movie, or even of the great acting of both main characters, but of the more or less hidden ending of The Batman. Indeed, the last few credit minutes are about a riddle. We end up in front of a link on a simple black screen : https://www.rataalada.comRata Alada.

Fans got this pretty quickly, this is a link to look up on the Internet. To put you back in context, « Rata alada » means « the wingled rat », but it is also the bad one in the movie !

By looking the link up on the Internet, you can find a website similar to the one that we see in « The Batman ». But most importantly, a riddle is presented to us by The Riddler. It is in fact a coded message, and it seems to announce that Batman will be back soon ! Fans understood it quickly, the riddle means « Gotham loves comebacks ».

So, excited ?