The Rivercon3 through the eyes of SoundsOfSeries!

A week ago now, we were all gathered at the Rivercon3, a Riverdale convention by People Convention. If we were only there for one day (the SOS team should be reminded that we are not in summer…), we had a great day!

On this day, 4 actors were present to meet the fans! First of all, we had a great regular of the Rivercon who is none other than Marisol Nichols. She was accompanied by her sidekick of the first edition: Lochlyn Munro. They were able to welcome Cody Kearsley and Drew Ray Tanner, for whom it was the first Rivercon. A quartet that pleased the fans present!

A very warm atmosphere during this last day of the convention. The fans had a great time with the actors. The actors were very accessible and open to discussions. During the photoshoots or the autographs, the fans had the opportunity to spend a little time with the actors.

We had a real crush on Marisol Nichols. The actress was really adorable with her fans, especially with a little girl who met her for the first time. The girl was so happy to meet her that she was at a loss for words in front of Marisol.
Whether it was during the panels or during the photos (or even the autos), Marisol took time with each fan. She loved hearing your stories and even seeing your evolution since the first edition. We hope to see Marisol again at the next Rivercon!

A little nod to Drew Ray Tanner! A real ball of energy both on stage and backstage. He was really happy to meet you all!

See you then at the fourth edition of the Rivercon which will take place in Paris!