TOKYO REVENGERS : The anime you should not miss !

We meet again today for the presentation of a new anime. After the presentation of Food Wars or Shiroi Suna No Aquatope, we come back with an anime which is part of our top 3 anime to watch during the summer break! Without surprise, we will talk today about Tokyo Revengers!


It is an animated adaptation of Shonen with the same name. It is a very ambitious project for the author. Indeed, Tokyo Revengers is immersed in the world of scum and gangs of Tokyo.
Hanagaki Takemichi lives a platonic life; a life filled with failure. He learns that his one and only childhood sweetheart has died following an attack by the Tokyo Manji Gang. Wondering where it all went wrong, Takemichi suddenly finds himself traveling in time, finding himself 12 years in the past. That’s when he tries to save Hinata Tachibana with the help of his brother Naoto Tachibana by changing the future.


Even if the Moebius gang is often mentioned in the anime, we will present you only the two central gangs of the anime (which is in its 17th episode).

Sano Manjiro (better known as Mikey) is the leader of the Tokyo Manjikai (or Toman). Mikey is a generally jovial and carefree teenager, who likes to play pranks with his friends, but it is better not to face him. Indeed, if he knows how to laugh, he has no mercy for his enemies. He is one of the founders of the gang. The latter is the central gang of the manga, since it is the one that causes the most drama in the future. However, unlike other gangs, the Toman is like a big family, and everyone must be ready to put his life at stake for the others. We find Draken (or Ryûgûji Ken) the second in command of Mikey. Impressively calm, he can be ruthless towards his opponents if his gang is attacked. We also find Mitsuya Takashi and Hayashida Haruki.

A second gang has joined for a few episodes now: Valhalla. It is led by Hanma Shuji and Hanemiya Kazutora. We will learn more about the gang in the next episodes.

Finally, we have Hanagaki Takemichi, the main character of the anime. He is a person who has no self-confidence. He doesn’t have any strength that motivates him in life. But thanks to this return in the past and Naoto Tachibana, we will see an impressive glow up.


Without any doubt, Tokyo Revengers is the anime of the moment. If the mangas are very popular in Japan, it is also very popular in France. The anime is available on Crunchyroll in French and in English. If you want to get the manga, it is still available here.


SYNOPSIS: At 26, Takemichi feels he has already missed his life. Living from small ungrateful jobs just good enough to pay the rent of a dingy studio, he laments on the desert of his love life when he learns the death of Hinata, the only girlfriend he had… The young girl and her brother were the collateral victims of a settlement of accounts between the members of a gigantic gang, the Tokyo Manji-kai. Still in shock, Takemichi is in turn the victim of an accident that inexplicably brings him back 12 years ago, when he was in high school and gave himself the air of a bad boy. What if this was his chance to save Hinata? But while trying to modify the future, Takemichi will find himself inexorably mixed up in the plots around the Tokyo Manji-kai and its charismatic and mysterious leader… (ledojomanga)

The team recommends you the anime. It is dynamic, with beautiful images. The anime has its place in our top 10.