A NEARLY NORMAL FAMILY’: A new thriller that will captivate you!

Once again, Netflix is offering us the opportunity to dive into a brand-new series as a preview. This time, it’s ‘A Nearly Normal Family’, now available on the streaming platform. With 6 episodes already available, let’s dive in without further ado to our in-depth analysis of this series.

‘A Nearly Normal Family’ is a recent thriller that explores the disturbing story of Stella’s family, torn apart by a murder for which she is responsible. On her 19th birthday, Stella meets Chris and begins a relationship with him. A few weeks later, Chris is found dead. Family secrets come to light, and the ties that bind them are weakened.

The series begins with a disturbing scene, delving into Stella’s past where she was the victim of a sexual assault, a potentially disturbing moment for some viewers. The parents, thinking that the case will be dismissed “for lack of evidence”, decide not to press charges against the assailant. We then leap forward in time to the time of the murder, a few years later. It is from this event that the series divides into three distinct narrative lines: that of the father, the mother and Stella. We then witness the total destruction of a family that had seemed united.


The story is both captivating and disturbing. Some scenes are gripping, gripping us with their intensity. The destruction of Stella’s life following her attack, and the parents’ choice to cover up rather than fight, are heartbreaking. As the story progresses, details of the night of the murder emerge, unveiling captivating revelations. This dynamic makes the series truly spellbinding!
The actors’ performances are outstanding, and the plot faithfully follows the book. The producers’ decision to juggle the three stories instead of following the linear structure of the book (with a part dedicated to each character) proves judicious.

It seems to have been a really enjoyable experience watching this mini-series! There’s every chance you’ll enjoy it too!