My life with the Walter Boys: Shall we continue?

If you enjoyed ‘The Summer I Turned Pretty‘ series on Prime Video, then ‘My Life with the Walter Boys’, the new Netflix series, should certainly appeal to you. We’ve had the chance to preview the first episodes, and the question now is: will we continue to follow the series?

With its 10 40-minute episodes, ‘My Life with the Walter Boys‘ focuses on Jackie’s story as she tries to integrate into her new family. When her parents and older sister are killed in a car accident, Jackie moves from New York to a small town in Colorado, in the heart of the United States, to live with the Walter boys, the family of her mother’s best friend. The city girl’s life takes a radical turn as she finds herself in the midst of a tribe of 10 children: the seven sons and one daughter of Katherine and George Walter, plus two cousins. Integration proves complex, especially since both mothers had lost touch with each other.


From the very first episode, the story becomes clear. As soon as she arrives, Jackie attracts the attention of two of the brothers. On the one hand, there’s Alex, who’s about the same age as her, and shares a common passion with her: literature. On the other, there’s Cole, a little older and known as a professional flirt. We can therefore anticipate that the evolution of this love triangle will be one of the main plots of the series. At least, that’s the impression given by the first three episodes.


The answer is yes! We thoroughly enjoyed watching the first three episodes of the series. The actors, though new to the scene, give a very appealing interpretation of their roles. We’re immediately immersed in the story, reminiscent of the atmosphere of ‘Julie and the Phantoms‘, albeit without the songs.