An unexpected convention about “HeartStopper” by Empire conventions

Empire conventions has struck again, a convention about the sweet universe of Alice Oseman is going to have its convention ! You don’t know about it ? We are giving you a quick recap, we don’t want you to miss it…

It all started with 4 books. Not books, sorry, graphic novels. The author did not only create this universe but also drew it from A to Z and continues today, “HeartStopper” tells the story of two boys, surrounded by their group of friends that we follow during their high school years, they love, they seek each other, they discover and they dare to live. 

The poignant story of Nick&Charlie has been adapted, by our dear friend Netflix and directed by the director of Sherlock and Doctor Who, the announcement has been made last year and the release is scheduled for this spring. And Empire Conventions decided to give all the light possible to the series!

The first HeartStopper convention (in the world) will be held at Empire Convention during fall 2022, no guest announcement yet but there will be soon. That gives you time to watch the series when it comes out, but also to read the graphic novels which are little nuggets, Nick and Charlie will make you melt, I promise and no excuses, they have just been released in France by Hachette Romans.

But since Empire doesn’t do things by halves… A virtual event is also in preparation. 

Who is already a fan of the universe (or will become one) and will be seen at the Young Love Lasts Forever?

The ticketing will open when the first guest is announced, are you ready ? Because we are, with Alice Oseman’s drawings under our arm !