People Con brings the universe of Supernatural back to life !

Since 2019, the actors of Supernatural had not been able to come back to our beautiful capital and even if the virtual conventions were a breath of fresh air for them as well as for the fans, everyone just wanted to go back to the good old weekends with the Winchesters’ relatives.
We hope that you have booked your 19th and 20th of March, because People Con will welcome your favorite protagonists of the series, angels, demons, hunters… We tell you everything !

We had to say goodbye to the Winchester brothers at the end of 2020, but it was only a goodbye because People Convention had another idea in mind. For this 4th edition of the DarkLight Con, several actors who couldn’t get enough of their fans and France are coming back and others have joined the very nice list including a well known angel.

After an announced visit in 2019, several cancellations following this virus that we all want to forget and virtual conventions, Misha Collins has reconfirmed his visit ! You are not dreaming, your favorite angel is waiting for you the second weekend of March.

He will be in really good company with our dear Crowley aka Mark Sheppard, you can also find regulars of the virtual or real DarkLight Con, like Ruth Connell (Rowena), Kim Rhodes (Jody), Briana Buckmaster (Sheriff Donna), Richard Speight (our angel Gabriel) and Mark Pellegrino who is no other than Lucifer.

Wait it’s not over… Rob Benedict aka Chuck or God, as you prefer, honors us with his presence with Alexander Calvert who plays Jack in the series but also Lonnie in Arrow and Hunter in The Returned.
& The news just came out: Adam Fergus aka Mick Davis replaces Matt Cohen, initially scheduled for the convention.

An incredible guestlist, 10 actors who played a great role in the history of our two favorite brothers will be present for a whole weekend… No time to lose.

Climbing in the Impala ? We are taking you along !
See you on the weekend of March 19 and 20, with People Convention at the Hilton Paris Charles de Gaulle to mix with the supernatural creatures of Supernatural.