‘Deltopia’ is now in post-production and it’s coming soon!

If you miss ‘Julie and The Phantoms‘ and Charlie Gillespie, we have good news for you ! Indeed, you may find Charlie in a new movie soon : Deltopia !

A movie about Deltopia, an annual and illegal party :

The film takes place over a 24 hour period with a group of friends from Southern California finishing their last day of high school. They head to Santa Barbara for “Deltopia”, the biggest party of their lives. Deltopia is an annual street party but it is not allowed. The film will refer to events that took place at the latter, especially when in 2014 the party turned violent. With this film, the filmmakers want to “bring the teenage experience to life as honestly as possible.” They go on to show their desire to “highlight the pivotal moments that teens face, whether they are beautiful or heartbreaking.”

About the casting :

Luna Blaise who you got to see in the series ‘Manifest‘, will interpret the role of Hannah. Madison Pettis and Will Peltz as Ellery and Slim. As for Charlie Gillespie, he will play the role of Jack. Deltopia will also be the occasion to see Greer Grammer (from Awkward.) and Hart Denton from Riverdale.
It is therefore a really interesting cast that will make the movie very interesting too.

Available soon !

The movie is now in post-production. That should not last. We hope to have a date soon.