The Weekend Away, Leighton Meester’s return

Since the beginning of March on Netflix, the movie is well and truly in the top 5 of the platform so if you still haven’t clicked on the play button, we’re here to make you change your mind.

This film stars our very dear Leighton Meester (Blair in Gossip Girl), very far from the glitter and luxury we know but who has not lost an ounce of acting talent.

In this thriller, she plays a young mother who goes on a weekend trip to Croatia with her best friend (Christina Wolfe), but as you can see, not everything goes as planned.

If you love mysteries, plot twists that will turn your brain inside out until the last minute, and a story that’s well-crafted from A to Z (based on the book of the same name by Sarah Alderson), then what are you still doing here? The Weekend Away is the perfect movie for a weekend evening. The whole movie takes place in Croatia, so you will have the chance to see some beautiful landscapes that will make you want to make this country your next trip, we count on you to leave your mysteries at home.

The film doesn’t even last two hours, and on top of that you don’t see it go by, so busy trying to put the pieces together and change the guilty one every 15 minutes. A small plus, which we liked and which is quite different from other Hollywood films, is that the majority of the secondary actors are Croatian.

A little cluedo on Netflix, all in the sun and with Leighton Meester, isn’t that nice?