‘Fate: The Winx Saga’: Our opinion on season 2 !

Right after watching ‘Do Revenge’ starring Maya Hawke and Camila Mendes, we had the opportunity to preview the second season of Fate: The Winx Saga. As the series was so talked about when the first season was released, we’re aware that you’re looking forward to watching the continuation of Bloom and her friends’ adventures. It’s now 9:01, time to watch the new season. But first, let’s give you our advice ! (spoiler free).


During the ‘Accross The Other World’ by Clouds Con, we had the opportunity to interview Hannah Van Der Westhuysen and Jacob Dudman, who gave us a lot of information about the second season. As you can see, the two actors of the series told us that this new season would be totally different from the first one. Indeed, the first one having laid the bases, the second one promises to be very rich in twists. And it is the case. This new season is chaotic : everyone is in danger, and no one will be spared.


The actors did not lie. We really liked this second season. It is much better than the first one. More action, more drama, more suspense, and more tears. You are so not ready for it. One thing is for sure, we advise you to bring tissues and to prepare yourself mentally for a season full of emotions. Indeed, this season has us all in a tizzy.


We have provided a spoiler-free review in this article. We advise you to filter your news feed to avoid spoilers. A second and more complete review will be available on September 18th during our ‘Welcome To Alfea’ day. We will talk about the events of this season. We look forward to seeing you on Twitter this weekend!