Do Revenge: the new Netflix movie that will make noise!

The SoundsOfSeries team had once again the chance to preview ‘Do Revenge’, a new movie that is being released on Netflix today. While the trailer made us want to watch the movie, the cast did not leave us indifferent. So it’s time to give you our review of the movie.

Our summary:

Drea, a student from a not-so-affluent background, is the most popular student at a fancy private high school. She had everything she wanted: friends, a boyfriend, plans. But, the day her boyfriend (“the king of the school”) leaks his sex tape at school, everything goes down. Everyone turns against her, putting her boyfriend Max on a pedestal. On the other hand we have Eleanor, a new student who arrives in the school, who finds herself facing her stalker, who had spread rumors about her during a summer camp. Drea and Eleanor’s meeting during a tennis lesson will form the iconic duo of the movie. Together, they will try to take revenge on their respective tormentors.

Our opinion:

‘Do Revenge’ was able to captivate us from the beginning to the end. There are twists and turns that no one expected. When the problem seems to be solved, we quickly realize that it is not the case. The friendship that forms between Drea and Eleanor was improbable… and yet, they are going to have adventures together. While Drea and Eleanor are the main characters of the film, the secondary actors also have an important part in the story. They all have a role in the fall of Drea but also in her reconstruction. An evolution of the characters that is really interesting.

The casting:

The casting that Netflix has concocted for you is to die for! We find in the main roles: Camilla Mendes and Maya Hawke as Drea and Eleanor. Camila is known for her role in the series Riverdale (available on Netflix) or for her role in The Perfect Date (with Noah Centineo in 2019) and Palm Springs (with Tyler Hoechlin in 2020). As for Maya no need to remind you… You all have already seen Stranger Things or Fear Street! Maia Reficco, who is in the spotlight with her project with Kit Connor but also for her role in the series ‘Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin’, is present in the movie. She is accompanied by the beautiful Alisha Boe, who is part of the casting of 13 Reasons Why. Finally, we will also find Sophie Turner, Ava Capri, Austin Abrams, Paris Berelc or even J.D..

To conclude, we recommend the movie. If the casting has strongly inspired us, the story is very interesting and rich in twists. You will find the trailer right below!