Get to know the Sounds of Series team through music.

What better way to bring people together than through music? A beautiful question that I still ask myself after many years. I found an answer to it, here on Sounds of Series. You, readers, know more or less well our editorial staff, participate to our quizzes, watch our interviews, read our articles, answer our tweets etc… But do you know our musical tastes? It seems that we learn more about the people around us through music. That’s why I asked all the editors of this blog to give me some songs, impressions to share with you to know us better!


Stay – Justin Bieber & the Kid Laroi
Industry Baby – Lil Nas X
POV – Ariana Grande

I’m very much into US pop, commercial songs. I like a lot what moves, what makes you want to get up and dance! I’m a big fan of Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber. I think they manage to touch all the registers, having their own style! Bonus point for Ariana who is a great live performer, worthy of being the most followed singer.

I also like to discover artists, I do a lot of research in the new releases, like Ava Max that I knew with her cover of Not Your Barbie Girl, I really like the high notes, it gives to the music a dynamic and emotions. I also like the songs which enter in the head, or as of the first listening, you have the melody in head, like Anyone of Justin Bieber that I listened during his live BIEBER NYE during the Covid; during which I had shivers.


All Too Well – Taylor Swift
Watermelon Sugar – Harry Styles
What A Man Gotta – Jonas Brothers

It’s really hard to pick favorite songs because there are so many. I think if I had to make a top 3 it would be Taylor Swift’s All Too Well, although I could name a lot of Taylor’s songs, This Is Me Trying is not far off with Exile. There would probably be Watermelon Sugar with a special mention for Fine Line, this song is not appreciated enough in my opinion.

Just like Taylor, I could name more Harry Styles songs, but Watermelon Sugar is definitely the one I listen to the most, it’s constantly in my playlists since its release. And finally, I would add What A Man Gotta Do by the Jonas Brothers. I discovered what it is to be a fan of the Jonas Brothers when I was 10 years old, and for me since their return this song is one of their best.


August – Taylor Swift
Perfect Places – Lorde


Five Minutes (live) – Her
Heart to Heart – Mac DeMarco

Personally, I listen to a lot of alternative music. I really like this kind of music because it’s never the same, every song is different. One band I really like is the French band Her who sings exclusively in English. Each song has its own style and that’s why I like their album and EPs so much. I recommend my favorite song Five Minutes (live version) which is their most famous song but also one of my favorites. Blossom Roses is just as beautiful. One of the singers of the band, Victor Solf has released his solo album :and it’s really a gem. It is touching, sad but also hopeful. Call your Grandma and Someone else are for me the two most beautiful songs of the album that I recommend to everyone to listen to!

A better known singer who plays an important role in the representation of alternative music is Mac DeMarco! All his songs carry us and it is a real pleasure to listen to. I don’t necessarily have any particular songs of his to recommend but what I recommend is to play his discography in random and let yourself be carried away by his music, which is ideal to relax.


My musical tastes are very diverse, since my childhood I have been immersed in many different worlds. Having a father who is a hard rock fan and a mother who has an adulation for Stevie Wonder, I was able to navigate through many worlds to find my own preferences.

Better – Ben Platt
Being a fan of musicals since recently, I had the opportunity to discover Dear Evan Hansen two years ago. I really liked the music and I wanted to listen to the other music of the main performer of Evan: Ben Platt. And it did not miss, the songs of his album carried me. I like many of them but I would say that Better is the one that touched me the most. And if you’re going to check out his Spotify and end up liking it like I did, you should know that his concert at Radio City Music Hall is available on Netflix!

Let’s Hang Out – SF9
So I’m not particularly a fan of Kpop but this song was able to transport me and the mood is great for the vacations! After discovering the Kdrama Extraordinary You, I wanted to know about the main actor: Rowoon and I learned that he was in a band called SF9. So I went on their Spotify and I had a big crush on some of their music like Let’s Hang Out or O Sole Mio.


Sourire – Shy’m
Take You To Hell – Ava Max

I have quite a varied taste in music, I try to listen to everything really, but I still have a few artists that have always been on top like the French artist Shy’m. Whether the songs are in French or in another language, as soon as it moves, and especially the chorus, I know I’ll like it.


Antivist – Bring Me The Horizon
Shake Me Down – Cage The Elephant

My musical tastes are very eclectic. I can go from hardcore, to British pop, bypassing the disco drifts of the 80s. However, my tastes are always more or less the same. To give you an idea of my tastes in general, I chose two very different tracks which, to me, are very similar. 

The first one is Antivist from Bring Me The Horizon, a British band I’ve been a fan of since the beginning. This track is my favorite, I talked about it on my music blog in a playlist dedicated to them. It is violent to the ear but the sweetness it gives off still seduces me after years. I’m posting the version that the band did with an orchestra so you can listen to this track in a magical way.

The second one is my favorite song, Shake Me Down, by the band Cage The Elephant. If you don’t know it, don’t hesitate to discover their discography which is the most incredible in my eyes.

These two bands are among my favorites, however, a lot of musicians manage to make my heart fall. I could also have told you about Years & Years with their pop sounds, Limp Bizkit which is classified in the neo metal or The Rasmus, the first band I was a fan of in my life. But I’ll make sure you’ll discover it little by little.

And you, what is your favorite song?