As you liked the presentation of the anime Tokyo Revengers, we are back today with a manga that has pleasantly surprised us: Psycho Bank. It’s a Seinen manga written by Naoki Serizawa which counts 4 volumes in total. The author takes us into a story that looks like a police investigation combining stress, suspense, and supernatural powers, making it very exciting.

A story that starts fast

This is the story of a young boy named Mirai, he is the son of a research doctor. His life goes on normally until the day his father suddenly commits suicide. “Impossible“, Mirai thought, he had too many projects and loved his life so much to be able to put an end to it.
That’s when his father’s inheritance arrived, including about 430 million yen and an invitation to use the services of a certain Psycho Bank… This bank allows the use of one power among eight, all very different from each other, in exchange for money, with the assurance of the user’s life.
Which of these powers will Mirai choose to flush out the one who orchestrated his father’s death? Does he also realize that the latter is behind a subject that goes beyond him and that he would not even suspect exists? 

Mysteries and the use of powers

The author sows mysteries here and there to keep the reader on the edge of his seat: why did the father die and who could have killed him? Why this invitation to the Psycho Bank? How do the powers of the Psycho Bank work and who created it? Are there other users of the Psycho Bank?
This is only the beginning of the story, others will be added to the palette of mysteries that enrich this manga. Then, the use of the powers is an important component of the work: they are used in a very original way, and because of the fact that it is necessary to use money to put them into practice at each use, a feeling of stress takes hold of the reader who wonders if this character should have used his power at this or that moment.

Well-written characters:

There are many characters, but Mirai remains the most endearing of them: he is brave, intelligent, perceptive and surprises us in each chapter without falling into caricature, thus ticking perfectly the boxes of a good Seinen hero. Other characters are as, or even more interesting than him but to avoid spoiling, we won’t describe them to you… We leave you the pleasure to discover them by yourself.

What do we think of it?

Psycho Bank is a really gripping manga that keeps us glued during the whole reading. Indeed, the actions follow each other at a crazy speed and bring us quickly to the outcome. The strong points of this manga: A short story (4 volumes), action, mysteries and unexpected revelations. 

What are you waiting for to read Psycho Bank?