“Gone for Good ” marks Harlan Coben’s return on Netflix.

The famous writer Harlan Coben has signed a contract in 2018 with Netflix to adapt his works. This exclusive deal with the platform aims to adapt 14 of his titles, into movies or series, over a five-year period. This is paying off as these adaptations are experiencing unprecedented success.

After Safe, The stranger, The Woods and El Inocente, the author adapts his eponymous novel published in 2002 Gone for good and this time, it is in France that the shooting took place.


The series consists of 5 episodes and takes place in Nice. The storyline follows Guillaume, victim of a tragedy in which he lost the one he loved: Sonia as well as his brother and Fred. 10 years after the facts, Guillaume lives again a tragedy since it is the turn of his new love Judith to disappear at the time of the funeral of his mother. To find her, Guillaume will be caught up in his past and will have to face all the truths that his family has hidden from him, but also those that he has long since decided to ignore.

The series is available on Netflix since this morning and the trailer is available below.


The series brings together very talented actors and actresses, including Finnegan Oldfields: nominated twice at the Césars (Marvin ou la Belle Education), Nicolas Duvauchelle: nominated three times at the Césars (Polisse), Garance Marillier (nominated at the Césars for Grave), Guillaume Gouix (nominated at the Césars for Jimmy Rivière) and Nailia Harzoune (Patients)

The synopsis and the cast promise great things that we can’t wait to discover!