Stranger Things 4 : one of the biggest filming secret finally revealed!

The fourth season of Stranger Things is finally available on Netflix. If this last season is going to be the best of the series, it’s time to give you an anecdote that will impress your fellow fans of the show!

There it is ! Netflix finally published the first part of the last season of Stranger Things. For this season, everything was seen big : whether it is for the promotion of the series or for the series itself. This is truly an EXPLOSIVE season! This season allowed us to learn more about Jane’s (aka Eleven’s) past. And to do this we had to go back in time. And you know it… Millie Bobby Brown (the actress who plays Eleven) has grown up a lot since then !


If in the previous seasons, Millie played herself her flashbacks, it was necessary to change tactics. The producers thus called upon the young Martie Blair. So there are now two Elevens! It is true that Martie looks very much like Eleven with short hair. And to make it even more similar, the producers used computer graphics. The result is just disturbing! We can now visit Jane’s past and discover her story through Martie’s talent.

The first seven episodes are available on Netflix since last Friday !