STRANGER THINGS: Eddie Munson could be 010?

The second part of the season 4 of Stranger Things is getting close and if there is one question that is on every fan’s mind, it is this: is Eddie Munson actually number 10? Several passages seem to confirm it: we tell you more!


He says it himself very clearly in episode 1 when he meets Chrissy (before the well known event), Eddie was bald when he was younger! So question: who else but someone from the lab was bald in the 1980s? Not many people as far as we know…


No body, no death, right? Well, here it is half true. Indeed, we can see the body of 010 after the disaster of the laboratory, but unlike the other children, we do not see his bloody eyes. Moreover, he was in the same room as Dr. Brenner, who survived the tragedy. Could this also be the case for 010?


As we all know, the Duffer brothers never do anything randomly, and the character of Eddie is no exception. If we pay attention, Eddie and 010 mainly use their right hand throughout the 7 episodes, as if a part of their left arm, but also the place where the children used by Dr. Brenner wear their number, was to be hidden. And even more relevant detail: his watch is placed right where this tattoo is; suspicious right?

And then…Eddie doesn’t seem all that surprised when Dustin and his gang tell him that a young girl with powers has saved them several times from a world completely opposite to theirs…

We don’t know about you, but we hope to know more about this mysterious character in the second part, available on Netflix on July 1st !