Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown will meet her fans in Paris for the SFM 2.0!

While People Conventions is finishing its guest list for the ‘Stranger Fanmeet 7‘, a brand new event related to Stranger Things has just been announced! Indeed, an actress who is very appreciated by the fans, unable to be present on May 13 and 14 in Paris, will meet her fans during a mini event: the ‘Stranger Fanmeet: Limited Edition’. We give you more information!

On Sunday April 30th, Millie Bobby Brown (who plays Eleven’s in the series Stranger Things) will be present in Paris with People Convention to meet the fans of the series! The actress being unavailable for the next edition, it was decided to create a 2.0 event: The ‘Stranger Fanmeet: Limited Edition‘. This edition will gather a maximum of 3 guests and will function like the normal conventions. Moreover, Rapahael Luce is already the second guest announced!

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In order to be able to meet the actors, you will need an entrance pass. This one is at a price of 49€. The organization assures that they’ve done their best to lower the prices while avoiding loosing money. Just like the other Stranger Things conventions, you will be able to share unique moments with the actors: photoshoots, autographs, panels… Prices are available on the People Convention website. Moreover, the organization offers a new extra (and what better way to test it than with Raphael Luce): the TikTok extra. Prepare your best choreographies with Raphael! A new extra that will please the fans.

As you may know, the panels are now counted as extras, and are extra charge. This will allow you to attend only the panel you want. In order to avoid any problem, the room will be divided into 3 categories: category GOLD, category 1 or category 2. Indeed, you will be placed in the room, so you will not have to wait 1 hour before the panel room.

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