The movie “Le Visiteur du Futur” unveils itself in a new trailer

13 years ago, France discovered the first episode of a web-series that will be talked about: The Visitor from the Future. After a long absence, we will find, on September 7, all the characters for a very expected movie.

As a reminder, the web-series tells us the story of Raph, a young man, who can be described as ordinary, who will meet a man who says he comes from the future to save the world. Together, they will fight to protect the world we know.
Broadcast from 2009 to 2014, the success of the web-series only grows so much that France Televisions actively participates in the production of seasons 3 and 4. However, it ends after 4 seasons. In 2021, the news comes, François Descraques is actually working on a movie since 2014! The shooting takes place in spring 2021, the editing and post-production begin as soon as everything is shot.

After waiting for long months, the first trailer is finally available! You can watch it here :

What is the movie going to be about ?

We will follow the story of Alice, a young girl who opposes the construction of a nuclear power plant ordered by her father. She will then meet a certain visitor from the future who will make her discover a future destroyed by the explosion of the power plant. To prevent this catastrophe, the only solution is to kill Alice’s father. Alice then embarks on a race against time to save her father and the world, all under the threat of a temporal police.

A big part of the original cast will return: Florent Dorin, Raphaël Descraques, Slimane-Baptiste Berhoun, or Mathieu Poggi. But some newcomers have also joined the band: Arnaud Ducret, Enya Baroux or Assa Sylla, known for her role of Imane in Skam France. Did you see Mcfly & Carlito in the trailer?

We do not know about you, but we are very excited to meet our favorite visitor of the future and his whole squad for a new adventure!