Arthur and the Minimoys… Horror movie version.

You read this right. This movie that rocked many childhoods is back but as a horror movie and it’s not a joke, Luc Besson wrote and produced it. We tell you more below.

As a reminder, Arthur and the Minimoys, basically… It is this: Arthur Montgomery, age 10, lives with his grandmother Daisy in a remote countryside. He is passionate about the African adventures of his grandfather Archibald, who has been missing for 3 years. To help his grandmother, Arthur decides to find the hidden treasure she told him about. Arthur then breaks the secret left by his grandfather to enter the world of the Minimoys, funny creatures two millimeters high that populate his garden.

But now, more than 16 years after the release of the first opus, without anyone expecting it, the director of this saga announces the release of a ‘spin-off‘ horror movie (Luc Besson did not direct this one, but wrote and produced it). The release is scheduled for June 29, a good way to start the summer. If you have seen another horror movie called ‘Blair Witch‘, the way it is shot is similar and takes us directly with the actors to the house where the movies were shot at the time.

The movie is small budget, however the trailer has its effect.

No kids in the cinema room, please!

This time we follow the story of : Alex, 18 years old young man. He is a big fan of the fantastic film saga Arthur and the Minimoys for years. It is then that his group of friends proposes to him to go in the abandoned house where the film was shot. Little do they know that they are about to fall into a deadly plot.

See you on June 29 in the dark rooms? Or like most of us, would it be better to leave a part of your childhood untouched?