The next series that you don’t want to miss!

These last weeks have been monopolized by Squid Game, (you can try our survival test) but now that the hype is down, we introduce you to the TV shows not to be missed for the rest of the year 2021, get ready, there is some very serious stuff.

One of us is lying

We start with One Of Us Is Lying. The story takes place in an American high school where five students are stuck for keeping their phones in class. However, nothing happens as expected, one of the students (Simon) dies of an allergy attack that turns out not to be accidental. Obviously, his four classmates are suspected, but they all claim to be innocent… So who is lying? To be discovered on October 7th on Peacock!


Dopesick is a mini documentary series that tells us how millions of people in the United States became addicted to OxyContin, a drug that caused at least 500,000 deaths. Over the course of 8 episodes, we follow the development of this drug, its release by Purdue Pharma, the doctors who prescribed it, and the patients who became addicted. We will also discover how the DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) wanted to stop it. To be discovered October 13 on Hulu and November 12 on Disney+. 

I know what you did last summer

Four friends are celebrating the end of high school and the beginning of a new life. However, on their way home, they run over a man. Terrified that he is dead, and that it will affect their future, they dispose of the body and promise never to speak of it again. A year later, one of the friends receives the message, “I know what you did last summer“. This marks the beginning of a series of frightening events for the four students. Who is the mysterious stranger who knows what happened the other night and what does he want with them? Watch it on October 15 on Prime video. 

The girl in the woods

An escaped warrior from a mysterious colony that protects the world from monsters hidden behind a secret door in the woods, Carrie gets a fresh start in the small Pacific Northwest town of West Pine. AD, her former mentor, is tasked with tracking down the young woman and bringing her back to her community to face the consequences of her desertion, to be seen October 21 on Peacock!


A “corpse” pieced together from six dismembered victims and stitched together was discovered by police. The media and press dubbed it the “Ragdoll”. A new case was opened and Detectives Nathan Rose, Emily Baxter and Lake Edmunds were assigned to it. Who is this mysterious killer and why is he committing these atrocities? The killer is taunting the police by sending them a list with the names of his next victims. However, a small problem, the name of the detective Nathan Rose appears there… To discover on November 11 on AMC.


Former Avenger Clint Barton has a seemingly simple mission: return to his family for Christmas. Can he do it? Maybe with the help of Kate Bishop, a 22-year-old archrival with dreams of becoming a superhero. They’ll have to team up as a presence from Barton’s past threatens to derail the festive spirit. Coming November 24 on Disney+.