A Cowgirls Song : The movie is coming out tomorrow !

If you enjoyed seeing Savannah Lee May in the series ‘Julie and The Phantoms‘, you are going to be able to see her in a brand new role in A Cowgirls Song. We are telling you more !

Some information :

A Cowgirl’s Song‘ is the fourth part of the saga : ‘Cowgirls ‘N Angels‘. The movie will be distributed by Samuel Goldwyn Films. In the casting, you can find some familiar faces. First of all, there is Cheryl Ladd, that you recently saw in ‘Charlie’s Angels‘. Darci Lynne Farmer, the great winner of America’s Got Talent and Savannah Lee May, who we very recently discovered in ‘Julie and The Phantoms‘.

What is it about ?

It tells the story of a teenage girl, budding singer, who goes to live with her grand mother, who is a country music legend. However, difficult times get in her way since the loss of her husband, 5 years before that. Together, they will get over the adversity and find redemption thanks to their love for music.

Here is the trailer :

You therefore noticed it, Savannah Lee May will be the main character in the series. We are very excited to see her evolution since Julie and The Phantoms. We hope that the fans of the series will be here.