Heartstopper : Do we keep watching ?

As for the second season of Outer Banks, SoundsOfSeries got to watch the new Netflix series : Heartstopper in advance. After watching the first episodes, it is time to give you our verdict.

I don’t think anyone is surprised to know that we literally enjoyed the series. Indeed, the SoundsOfSeries team is in total agreement that we had a great time watching the series. If you enjoyed Young Royals, you can be sure that you will love Heartstopper.

The series is composed of 8 episodes that last about 25 minutes. From the first episode, we enter the heart of the subject. We found that the LGBTQ+ cause was well represented, and that it is easy to identify with the characters, all as endearing as each other. If the main story is about Nick and Charlie, we can follow in parallel the stories of Elle and Tara and their group of friends.

To fans of Alice Oseman’s graphic novels, concerned about their adaptation to the screen… You won’t be disappointed. Apart from a few details, the SoundsOfSeries team members who have read the books before are very satisfied even fans of the series. Let’s not forget that the author almost didn’t leave the shooting so that the series is as faithful as possible and even added some graphic notes that you will surely recognize.

Nous avons hâte de vous publier notre review sur la série ! One thing is sure, we will continue to watch the series. The story is very interesting and the actors very endearing.