Heartstopper : Our opinion ! (without spoilers)

As announced earlier this week, we had the chance to see the Netflix series Heartstopper a few days before its release, which is today. It’s time to give you our opinion on the first season of Heartstopper, based on the first two volumes of Alice Oseman’s graphic novels, with our eyes filled with stars and emotions!

Indeed, the series did not leave us indifferent, on the contrary. If you have not followed our articles, or are in a cave without access to twitter, here is a little recap: We follow Charlie Spring from the moment he meets Nick Nelson, and how they end up falling in love.

The series will be your next comfort show without a doubt, it is “all sweetness” (as Marine likes to say) and brings you incredible comfort. It deals with important subjects, often hard to bring to the screen, yet in no way does it become dramatic or overdone, and for once, it is high school students, no older than 17, who are learning to live in a world that is still too closed. We were very touched by this aspect of Heartstopper, as in the books, it is possible that many viewers will see themselves in some of the characters in the series, and we are so grateful to know that this series will touch many people in a positive way regarding the LGBTQ+ community, mainly, but also by talking about and showing bullying but also friendship with a capital F.

As fans who have read the books, we are incredibly surprised by the fidelity of the script, extremely important scenes are found on the screen for our greatest happiness, we had the impression to watch the graphic novels. Moreover, we must add that the actors look incredibly like the characters, it’s as if the author Alice Oseman had taken them as an example to draw her books.

A little thing that can be easily rectified with other seasons (hello Netflix), it would be to see much more characters like Charlie’s sister, Imogen and Isaac (the last two being creations for the show) and especially Nellie, for whom we totally melted. Yes, she’s Nick’s dog, but so what?

We can only recommend you to discover Heartstopper on Netflix. We can’t wait to get your feedback, in any case, we see how fans are on the social networks!