You obviously have heard her name already, but do you know anything about her career ? In this article, you are going to learn more about Adelaide Kane’s career through 5 of her roles.

1 – Teen Wolf

Oh yes ! Adelaide played in Teen Wolf, in the third season more particularly, in which she interprets Cora Hale, Derek’s sister, who is going to live with him for some time. We will discover the fine evolution of her character throughout this season, a very strong minded character, who gets angry pretty often and who is very aggressive. But she will leave the series at the end of the season of 3 for…

2 – Reign

Obviously, when we mention Adelaide we can only talk about Reign. She got the role of Mary Stuart: Queen of Scots in 2013, becoming the lead in this series. For more than 4 years she managed to thrill us as Mary, through the different emotions she was able to give us, knowing how to play fear, sadness, joy but also the very hard emotions that a character like Mary Stuart goes through. She really knew how to convince us. That pushed her into the world of series and cinema.

3 – American Nightmare

One of the roles that was the most admired of hers remains Zoey Sandin, in the first movie of the successful saga American Nightmare.

4 – Once Upon A Time

In 2017, she got a role in season 7 of Once Upon A Time as Javotte / Ivy Belfrey. It is a really different role than what she has done throughout her career and especially one of the best, since joining a series in its final season and interpreting a Disney character is not necessarily easy. Playing the role of someone a little mean in real life and then go to the magical side in Storybrooke is a change of character that she knew how to bring nicely to make us love her character. Moreover, she knew how to appropriate it in her own way making the character very interesting.

5 – A Sweet Christmas Romance

Which actor has never starred in a Christmas movie. ? Adelaide is no exception. In this movie released in 2019, she plays Holly Grant, a young woman who returns to her small village for the holidays, but learns that her childhood bakery is closing, a great culinary competition is held to find the buyer. A very cute and really nice movie to watch during the holidays.

You can see the impressive range of Adelaide’s roles, she knows how to master the characters in order to transmit emotions to the audience. An accomplished actress who will surely charm you for one of her roles. It’s time to go and (re)discover the series/movie presented above right now !