Get out your shields: the Vikings are coming to Paris!

Drakkars in sight! For its very first physical convention, Union Association has decided to hit hard: yes, it’s indeed an event based on the cult series Vikings that will take place… On Saturday, November 26th, 2022! Don’t move, we tell you everything.

From Kattegat to Paris, is the name of the long awaited event organized by Union Association. Kattegat in reference, of course, to the stronghold of Ragnar Lothbrok. Paris, because the city is attacked by the Vikings in the series… And because it is the one where the actors will go to meet you at the end of the year! After several virtual events organized in 2021 (including one with Clive Standen, the interpreter of Rollo and the other with Ragga Ragnars, namely Gunnhild), it is in real life that Union Association decided to organize this exclusive meeting.

…Moreover, one of Ragnar’s sons will be there! Alex Høgh Andersen, the interpreter of the famous and fearsome Ivar the Boneless, is the first guest to have confirmed his presence at the event. After several Comic Con in Germany, the actor will pass by the French capital! On the program? Photos, autographs, meeting, one-on-one… And other activities that should delight the fans, since a part of his activities is already sold out!

Get ready for the Vikings invasion: yes, other guests are planned! The event should indeed welcome at least 4 actors from the eponymous series… And Union Association promises us a lot, since two other guest contracts “well placed in the Facebook group poll” are waiting to be signed! 

To be able to attend the convention, go to the official ticketing where several passes and activities will be offered. Skoll!