RRR, a blockbuster not to be missed and probably the best movie of the year!

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Unless you follow all the news about theater releases and more particularly about Indian cinema, you might not have heard about the movie RRR, an Indian blockbuster in Telugu. And yet, it’s a shame to miss such an incredible movie, directed by S.S. Rajamouli. Indeed, this film is three hours of pure delight for the eyes to be discovered absolutely in theaters for an incredible moment. You won’t even see the three hours passed (and believe me, I hate movies where the length is felt, especially since it seems that now making movies of 2h30 minimum is the new standard…), but on top of that, you will probably want to see it again. We tell you why you have to rush to the cinema to not miss it!

A worldwide success for Indian cinema

If Indian films are still the most popular everywhere, they still have their public who wait impatiently to discover them in theaters.

RRR was the most expected Indian movie of the year in India, after 3 years of waiting because of the delay due to the pandemic. And it was a victim of its own success, exceeding 1,000 crore at the box office ($132 million), it is only the third Indian film to have this success. If we often talk about Bollywood (film originating from the Bombay/Mumbai region), it is a big step for Indian cinema since RRR is a Tollywood film (film in Telugu) and it has broken the borders with a national success in India. It is important to know that in India, each film has its success within its audience and its region, the Hindi films for example (Bollywood) have their success in the north of India, while the Telugu or Tamil films have their success in the south of India.

A film to be seen and seen again without moderation

Having never seen a film directed by S. S. Rajamouli, we did not know what to expect. Well, it was a pleasant surprise, and we can only tell you to go and see it.

RRR, an acronym for Rise Roar Revolt, features two opposite heroes in the colonial era. While Bheem is ready to do anything to save a little girl kidnapped by the British Empire from her village, Ram is a policeman and aspires to be the best no matter what.

This film has all the ingredients of a breathtaking film that will blow your mind. First of all, there is the must of Indian movies: an incredible dance number and catchy songs. But don’t worry, if musical numbers aren’t your thing, each song has its place and they don’t take over the story, on the contrary, they serve the story particularly well. Everything is very precise, from the song that symbolizes the bromance we love so much, to the one that will blow us away with a breathtaking dance number to show those racists British people invading their territory that Indians excel in their art.

But if the soundtrack is incredible, the images are even better. Indian cinema tends to exaggerate the scenes, with surreal action scenes, unlike Hollywood cinema, where they try to be as realistic as possible. But what makes this film so special and incredible are the surreal scenes with phenomenal shots. The first time I saw the film, I had my mouth wide open for about three quarters of the film. RRR is a succession of completely spectacular shots done with precision and quality. When you leave the theater, you have only one thing in mind, to go back and watch it one more time to appreciate the beauty of the images and to have your eyes full of stars once again.

In addition to the beauty of the film, we find a refreshing story. We are far from the superhero stories that have been overwhelming us for several years with what we have seen and seen again. Here, we are immersed in a story of friendship and heroism for three well-paced hours. A story that we enjoy and that takes us from the beginning to the end. Like many Indian films, there is an intermission, and we have only one word to the mouth when the intermission arrives: wow (with our mouth wide open after the scenes just before the intermission). This last one is welcomed in order to recover from our emotions before going on with the continuation of the film. If RRR is not lacking in action, and some things seem to be exaggerated, the director knows how to make us feel all the emotions through his story, with quality dialogues and some touches of humor. Especially when it comes to putting racist colonists in their place with class. And we can only applaud the casting with the talented Jr NTR and Ram Charan who know how to make us breathless.

So honestly, don’t wait any longer and go to the cinema to watch this masterpiece, you won’t regret it, it’s an experience not to be missed!