BTS : Two series in the works!

The ARMYs are going to be served! Disney+ has revealed that they are working on not one but two documentary series about the Korean group; we tell you more!

If you don’t have Disney+ yet, it looks like it’s time! The platform has just announced a collaboration with Hybe Corporation; the production house of BTS. On the agenda: content galore for fans!

We tell you more about it…

As said above, two documentary series are in preparation, and because “never two without three”: “BTS: Permission to Dance On Stage“, the replay of a concert of the group in Los Angeles is also available!
Concerning the documentary series, they will be called “In the Scoop: Friendcation” and “BTS Monuments: Beyond the Star“. The first one will be based on V and other Korean artists like Park Seo-joon and Choi Woo-shik, as well as a busy road trip.
The second one, “BTS Monuments: Beyond the Star“, should take us more intimately into the life of the group, as announced by Disney+.

We guess you can’t wait to see all this, and we understand you. One thing is sure: BTS fans are in the spotlight!