Nathan Evans, the factor turned singer

This is the unusual story of a young man of 27 years that you must have seen on TikTok. And yes, the application is known to propel careers, so Nathan is part of it. To celebrate his first concert in France, which will take place on April 25 at the Etoile, here is a small article so that you can learn more about him.

While working as a letter carrier for the Royal Mail in the city of Airdrie, not far from Glasgow, where he was born, Nathan started to post covers on his TikTok account first of pop and folk, but not only covers known by the general public, which allows him to reach many curious people. And it is with his cover of several sea songs that the web is ignited. An incalculable number of Tiktokeurs used his song in particular to make videos of their pirate cosplays!

You know who we mean! We put you below, the clip of his most famous cover “Wellerman“:

A label heard about his covers and his success on social networks, and offered him the opportunity to record 3 albums. Since then, Nathan hasn’t stopped being talked about, especially in the UK, but he doesn’t intend to stop and he’s right. His first European tour started only 2 days ago, Paris is the second date! And a lot of people are coming to see him perform Wellerman live, he’s done more than 4 dates in Germany, which shows that he already has a community of fans and curious people behind him.

We recommend you to listen to some of his other music like “Told You So” which gives his voice another rhythm than the sea songs!