LITD: The Shadow Hunters convention you don’t want to miss!

Although there is no sequel to the series, the fans are still present. After the success of the convention on the theme of ‘Fate : the Winx saga or even Harry Potter, the Clouds Con team is preparing a quality Shadow Hunters convention for you! It’s the great return of the Shadow Hunters project at Clouds Con. 2 guests have already accepted the invitation, but the organization, who shines with its Clouds and Chill conventions, does not intend to stop there. We take a look at one of their not-to-be-missed events!


Clouds Con promises to the fans who will attend ‘Light Into the Darkness‘, an exceptional weekend. Indeed, the Shadow Hunters actors, who will be in Paris on June 10th and 11th will be able to share an intimate moment with fans of the series. We got to see that during Clouds and Chill with Rebecca Benhamour and Sarah Fitri ! It is now Hugo’s and Rémy’s (aka ‘chouchou’ for the intimates!) motto : to offer events where fans can enjoy a maximum with the actors. This is what happened at the ‘Across the Other World’, fans really had a privileged moment with the actors.


Without waiting, Clouds Con already started announcing the guest list. They first announced the beautiful Nicola Correia-Damude, always present to meet her fans. Indeed, she is one of the favorites of the cast! Her announcement was followed by the one of Alan Van Sprang, who will attend his very first Shadow Hunters convention in France. Something to please the fans! To be able to meet your favorite actors, you need a pass! The organization proposes two types of pass: a 1 day pass and a 2 days pass. You will have to buy your pass before the extras, because there will be no access for the fans who don’t have a pass. The passes and extras are available on the ticketing.


The ‘Light Into the Darkness‘ will take place on the 10th and 11th of June 2023 in Paris. The entry passes are priced at : 90€ for the 1 day pass, and 170€ for the 2 day pass. It should be noted that the passes can be paid in several times. For the moment, there are three different types of extras: the photoshoots to leave with a souvenir of the convention, the autographs to exchange with the actors, and the 1-1 which allow fans a privileged moment with the actors.


After giving away a two days pass for the convention, the SoundsOfSeries team surveyed Clouds Con. Very difficult to get information (haha!), but we got an exclusive clue for you concerning the next guest! It seems like the next guest is on this picture :

You understood it, you don’t want to miss this convention! Rich in emotions, it will be. Here is the link to the ticketing. Feel free to check it out!