Chad Michael Murray in a Netflix horror movie!

It’s vacation time for the SoundsOfSeries team! And for us, it’s the best time to watch old movies and series while continuing current programs. Last night our choice was “The House of Wax”, a horror movie from 2005, starring Paris Hilton, Jared Padalecki and Chad Michael Murray.

‘House of Wax’ is a horror/scary movie directed by Jaume Collet-Serra released in 2005. This film marks the beginning of Jared Padalecki’s success but also Paris Hilton’s appearance in cinema. The film tells the story of a group of friends who want to go to a soccer game organized by their school. They are then targeted by two men who do not intend to let them get away with it. What the group doesn’t know is that these two men are behind a wax figure museum. And as you can imagine, these wax figures strangely look like real human beings…

In the movie, we find Chad Michael Murray, an actor that you cross a lot on our Twitter. Indeed, the actor playing the role of Lucas Scott in the series “The Scott Brothers” or Austin in “Like Cinderella”, has marked our youth. In ‘The House of Wax’, Chad plays Nick, Carly’s brother. He is a very (overly) protective brother who finds himself having to protect his life, his friends’ lives and especially his sister’s. A character that I think is very difficult to play. Currently on the set of Sullivan’s Crossing, the actor present at the 1,2,3 Ravens 1! par Empire Conventions three years ago, is announced on the ‘Fortress 3’ project aux côtés de Jesse Metcalfe. These are his only two projects for now. We can’t wait to see him on screen again.

OUR OPINION ON “House of Wax” :

A film that lets itself be watched. The film is rather fluid and doesn’t take 40 minutes out of 1h30 to start, we are immediately immersed in the subject. The acting is really impressive and the special effects are cool (especially for an old movie!). A real pleasure to watch this movie and to be able to see Jared and Chad during their debut. Fans of horror movies, we recommend you the movie!