“The Idea of You”: A Captivating Romance Under the Spotlight of Fame and Online Hatred

Prime Video will unveil its brand-new romance ‘The Idea of You’ starring Anne Hathaway and Nicholas Galitzine tomorrow. We were fortunate enough to watch the film in advance; here’s our review:

Inspired by a fan-fiction featuring singer Harry Styles, ‘The Idea of You‘ tells the unlikely love story between the 24-year-old frontman of a fictional boy band, August Moon, and a 40-year-old divorced mother. Nicholas Galitzine portrays Hayes Campbell, who meets Solène, played by Anne Hathaway, at the Coachella festival. While Solène wasn’t supposed to attend the festival with her daughter, her ex-husband ultimately canceled at the last minute, leaving her to go with her friends. Despite their age difference, Solène and Hayes are instantly drawn to each other. However, their relationship becomes complicated when their romance is revealed to the public. Under the direction of Michael Showalter, the film primarily focuses on Solène and Hayes, leaving little room for other characters to contribute to the plot.

The film highlights the devastating impact of online hate when the love between an ordinary person and a celebrity comes to light. Under the spotlight, the two protagonists are caught in a media storm fueled by passionate fans and voracious media outlets. Despite this tense atmosphere, the film quickly dives into the action, which can sometimes leave the viewer wanting more in terms of character development. However, this straightforward approach offers credible storytelling and palpable sexual tension, reminiscent of that present in ‘Challengers,’ currently in theaters. The film’s soundtrack, featuring boy band tracks reminiscent of 2010s pop, adds an extra dimension to the cinematic experience.

We were captivated by the film from the very first minutes. Anne Hathaway and Nicholas Galitzine’s talent allowed us to fully immerse ourselves in the story. Every scene gets straight to the point, without frills or unnecessary distractions. The story focuses solely on two people in love and powerfully explores the effects of fame and online hate on their relationship.