COCO : The Pixar movie that will surely make you cry!


If like me (a week ago), you have not yet watched ‘Coco’, you are living in denial! It is perhaps one of the most striking Pixar films and not to be missed!


If I’m not mistaken, this is the first Disney to feature death as the main plot. This is very rare! Death is here at the center of the story since the main character navigates between the world of the living and that of the dead. It is in the world of the dead that he spends most of the time in order to get the answers to his questions. A lively story that will not leave you hungry.


In the middle of the Festival of the Dead, in Santa Cecilia. For four generations, music has been forbidden in Miguel Rivera’s family. While the 12-year-old boy dreams of becoming a guitarist as talented as his idol Ernesto de la Cruz, his family wants him to take over the cobbler’s shop created by his great-great-grandmother Imelda, the mother of his great-grandmother Coco who is still alive. Determined to prove his talent during the Day of the Dead contest, Miguel breaks into the mausoleum of Ernesto, who died accidentally years before, to borrow his guitar. As he plays a chord while stepping on rose petals from India, he finds himself propelled to the Land of the Dead. Miguel learns that he must get the blessing of one of his ancestors before dawn, or he will become a skeleton stuck in this amazing place until he disappears into oblivion in the world of the living. With the help of the trickster Hector, Miguel begins an extraordinary journey at the end of which an important hidden truth about his family awaits him…(Wikipedia)


Coco is available on Disney Plus. And what a discovery! In addition to being a visually incredible animated film, the story is more than touching! We quickly understand the story and the context of the film. We really enjoyed this Pixar and we highly recommend it.