EMMA ROBERTS/SCREAM QUEENS : ‘I want a third season’

The real ones know what we are talking about. A few years ago, the series Scream Queens was cancelled. There was no third season for the series produced by Ryan Murphy. However, this series was a mix of humor and horror with a quality cast (we’ll always be mad at him for having killed Chanel 2 played by Ariana Grande from the beginning!)

It is a series that Emma Roberts won’t forget. She has always said that she is attached to this series. Although she is not a decision maker, the actress made a call saying in an interview with Comic Book: “I want a season 3 of Scream Queens and I think it’s time. I don’t really know who’s responsible for the yes or no to that, but yes, we should do it.” The lead actress goes on to add that she is super happy to see the show continue to make watchlists and to see fans still dressing up as Chanel Oberlin for Halloween.

Emma Roberts is not the only actress to be motivated to return to the series. Remember, Lea Michelle or Billie Lourd, without forgetting Abigail Breslin, all are motivated to return to the set. The call is now launched. We hope it will be conclusive!