Deion Smith, who plays Kelce, talks about the last season of Outer Banks!

We had the chance to talk to Deion Smith, the interpreter of Kelce. In this interview, Deion confesses his preferences regarding the lives of the Kooks and the Pogues, but also his wildest theories about his character! Finally, he shares with us the story of his new movie “Big George Foreman” in theaters April 28, 2023.

The new adventures of our favorite pogues:

Outer Banks season 3 is a real success all over the world being top on Netflix since its release! In this season we find the pogues one month after their arrival in Poguelandia. Soon enough they find themselves in new trouble which brings us back to that Outer Banks atmosphere we all love: full of action and adventure. The treasure hunt also makes a comeback with the quest for Eldorado. The tension from beginning to end, combined with family and friendship values, makes us fall in love with the characters and their journeys. Even the most evil characters can capture our full attention.  

An eye-popping ending!

After tragic losses, found treasures and the recovery of a stable situation, the ending leaves us wanting more. Indeed, the pogues finally get the recognition they deserve. But just as everything seems to be back to normal for the young adventurers with this happy ending that may seem like the end of their story: they are coveted to follow the adventures of the famous Blackbeard. Adding a pirate known to all only piques the viewers’ curiosity and makes the end of this season even more spectacular. 

Fortunately Netflix has already renewed Outer Banks for a fourth, but we’ll have to be patient before its release. However, the end of the journey of our favorite group of friends is not for today!

In the meantime, you can watch all 10 episodes of season 3 on Netflix and also take our quiz to see if you are more of a Kook or a Pogue!