Reacher : What do we think about it ?

Recently, some members of the Sounds Of Series team watched the series ‘Reacher’ on Amazon Prime, which is available since February 2022. It is therefore time to give you a review!

In 2012, Tom Cruise had already interpreted the character of Jack Reacher in a movie with the same name. It is now Alan Ritchson’s turn to take over in an Amazon series, already renewed for a season 2!

But first…

We refresh your memory :

The series is based on the novels series by Lee Child. We mainly follow the character of Jack Reacher, a former military police officer, who is wrongly accused of murder, of course. Nevertheless, his intelligence and his extraordinary strength will only be beneficial to the police in order to reveal the secrets of the city of Margrave.

Here is the trailer :

Our opinion on the show ?

We just loved it! As said above, Jack Reacher is a (very) strong character, and by that we mean that he doesn’t hesitate to fight with anyone who causes him harm. So yes, the series contains quite violent scenes, which does not make the plot less interesting.

On the contrary, the actors played their roles extremely well and proved to be very convincing. Moreover, Gavin White aka the young version of Jon Reacher (Jack’s brother) was able to give us more details on the shooting and on his co-stars during an interview that we strongly advise you to go and see to know more (and promise; it contains no spoilers!).