OUTER BANKS : Are you a Pogue or a Kook?

Your friend ask you to go on a treasure hunt with him, what do you do?

You're home alone tonight, you decide to...

Choose a Taylor Swift song

You're in class, dreaming... What are you dreaming about?

Pick a dessert

On your birthday, you choose to do something special with your friends, what do you do?

Your friend broke a promise they made to you, you...

Your best friend and his dad need help at their shop, but can't afford any help, what do you do?

Your friend is in jail for something they didn't do...

You are in a situation where you have to choose between your friends and your family, who do you choose?

Are you a Pogue or a Kook?
You are a pogue!

Money doesn't grow on trees, but that's not a problem for you as long as you can still have fun. You love adventure and you're not afraid of the consequences when it comes to helping your friends. You act spontaneously a lot, and you have a knack for getting yourself into tricky situations. Your group of friends is close-knit, so you can always count on each other. You would give your life for them, as they would for you. You like to party from time to time, but you prefer quiet time with your friends. You'd rather be on a beach surfing than in class. You don't care what other people think, especially kooks, however you wouldn't say no to a little gold to live a quiet life, of course if that includes a treasure hunt.
You're a kook!

You are part of the elite! You like to be the center of attention and you are not afraid to say what you think loudly and clearly. You will never be seen with a pogue, you don't hang out with people of the same status as you. You like to party and are not afraid to put yourself forward at parties. In the summer you like to lounge in the sun, on a boat is even better. You travel a lot, and eating out every day is not a problem for you. You have your group of friends, but in the end, it's every man for himself if the other person gets in trouble. A kook will never associate with someone who might tarnish their image, even if it means leaving their friends behind.