Fusion-Man, a French-style superhero

Today, we decided to honor France by making you discover a 100% French comic book. We will talk about Fusion-Man, written by David Halphen and drawn by Yas Munasinghe.

Fusion-Man tells us the story of Dan Valene, 17 years old who wakes up one day next to a volcano with superpowers and a tattoo on his back. His life will then change completely. He will find himself confronted with strange events. What if his powers were not the result of chance and that he is in fact promised to a great destiny? You’ll find out by reading the first two volumes of Fusion-Man.

This comic book has several particularities that make its strength.
First of all, the story is very well written, there is a real attention to detail to pique the curiosity of the viewer. The Foreshadowing, that is to say this way of hiding clues on the continuation of the story within the story itself is perfectly mastered. A little more for the presence of many references to pop culture. For the aficionados, it’s a real treat. Yas Munasinghe’s pencil line highlights all the characters and transports us into his own universe.

Then, it’s a comic that highlights superheroes belonging to the LGBTQI+ community. Because yes, almost all the characters belong to the community. Everyone is represented. Remember Black Panther, which offered the first representation of a black superhero? Fusion-Man does the same for the LGBTQI+ community. And it’s about time it happened. Where most of society feels represented among all the superheroes, well there’s always that small part that didn’t feel fully highlighted. With Fusion-Man, things are changing. And it doesn’t just stop with a gay character. Diversity is the key word in this comic. Through all these characters,
Fusion-Man gives visibility to as many people as possible, the comic shows that they exist. And that’s the importance of it. It acknowledges their existence.

So, if you did not know about Fusion-Man, feel free to spend a good time by reading the story of this made in France superhero.