Life is now: A brand new Skam fanmeet  with a guest already announced!

A fanmeet on the Skam series has just been announced by the Nevastalgia organization. Known for their conventions ‘The Last Kingdom’ or ‘Versailles’, the organization launches into the universe of a series loved by all! Indeed, on October 1st 2023 it will be possible to meet the actors of the Skam series in Paris (or its surroundings).

The different activities:

Throughout the day you will be able to enjoy the actors through several activities. On the program: question and answer panels, autograph sessions, photos and selfies. You will also be able to have individual or group meetings with the guest of your choice. Don’t worry if you can’t make it to the fanmeet, personalized videos and autographs can be sent to you!

How to get to the convention and what are the prices? 

First of all the passes to the convention are limited, there are less than 250 tickets available, so you will have to be quick if you want to attend! Nevastalgia have created 5 different passes for this convention:
The Oslo pass which is the cheapest pass, at 60€ (payable in two times), this pass only gives access to the convention and a place in zone 5. The Los Losers pass at 150€ (payable in three installments), gives access to the convention and includes all the regular autographs plus a place in zone 4. The Fredag pass at 180€ (payable in three installments) includes access, placement in zone 3 and all regular solo photoshoots. The Squad pass at 270€ (payable in three times) gives access to the event, a place in zone 2 plus all the regular solo photoshoots and autographs. And finally the last one: the 21:21 pass (the VIP) at 620€ (payable in four times) includes of course the access, all the solo, duo and group photoshoots, all the autographs and selfies, a random group meeting, a poster that you can get signed for your autographs, your digital photos and a “spectator” ticket for the game sessions. By purchasing this pass you will also be placed in the front row during the panels and you will get priority entry! If you are a minor and wish to be accompanied by an adult, companion passes will be available, as well as passes for children under 12 at the reduced price of 30€. Ticketing is here.

Already a guest announced! 

You surely missed the whole cast of Skam and that’s why Nevastalgia is hitting hard with their first guest! Indeed, the first guest has already been revealed and it is none other than the interpreter of the character of Even Bech Næsheim: Henrik Holm. Henrik will be present throughout the day and will participate in all activities. You will have a great time with him and create amazing memories. His photoshoots are 50€, his autographes  are 30€ as well as hisselfies. An autograph + selfie pack is available for 50€. The group meeting is 90€ and the individual is 85€ + 15€ if you bring a friend with you.

Limited opening offers are available!

With the opening of the ticketing, Nevastalgia is making early buyers happy by offering some deals! A presale is set up the first week: 10€ discount on all passes. If you buy the first VIP pass you will get a free group meeting. If you buy the first Squad pass you will get a free group photoshoot. If you buy the first Fredag pass you will get a free autograph. The first Los Losers pass will include an extra solo photoshoot and the buyer of the first Oslo pass will also get an autograph.

We know you’ve all been dreaming of a return of  the Skam conventions and with Nevastalgia you won’t be disappointed! So don’t hesitate and go for it! Grab your pass, your extras and start counting the days to the Skam event of the year! Also, take into account that this will be a rather intimate convention which will allow you to enjoy your day with your favorite actors even more.