Harry Styles : a new album on the way ?

It has been a few days since fans found out about this and Harry Styles has finally confirmed it; his new album “Harry’s Home” will be released on May 20, 2022. We are telling you more!

Since a few days, a strange Twitter account has appeared. It is @youarehome, and the fans of our dear Harry Styles have quickly guessed it; it is a way for the singer to promote the release of his next album: “Harry’s Home”! Real detectives, aren’t they?

On this account, you can find what looks like lyrics or song titles, and honestly; who could not be excited?

Harry will also be in Paris at the Accor Hotel Arena on July 5, 2022. The perfect opportunity to perform some of these new songs!

We hope that you are just as excited as us about all of these news !