We have been waiting for these Stranger Things news, time was getting long… And the Duffer brothers heard us! For you to be up to date on the series, we are giving you a small recap.

What do we need to know about this new season ? SoundsOfSeries tells you everything.

  • Season 4 will be divided in 2 parts ; the first one on May 27 and the second one on the first of July 2022,
  • The next season, so the 5th one, will be the last one,
  • A spin-off about Eleven could happen,
  • The episodes will be even darker than the past seasons.

And we have been spoiled by Netflix (for once) with a flurry of stills all as exciting as each other! We let you judge for yourself:

In the sixth photo, many say that it looks suspiciously like the room of Suzie, the not so imaginary girlfriend of our Dustin.

What about you ; where would you be in 1986 ?