‘Inside Out 2’: Pixar Captures Magic Again with Another Emotional Triumph!

Making a sequel to a film is always a delicate exercise. Often, fans come away disappointed or indifferent. ‘Inside Out 2’ thus represented a significant challenge for Pixar, and the results seem glorious. We had the opportunity to follow the second part of the adventures of Joy, Anger, Sadness, and their new companions: here is our review.

When ‘Inside Out 2’ begins, Joy is still running the show alongside Sadness, Anger, Fear, and Disgust inside a brightly lit tower called Headquarters. This is Riley’s mind, where they observe, manage, and sometimes disrupt her thoughts and actions. At the end of the first film, a mysterious new button labeled “puberty” had materialized on the console, and this is where the second installment picks up. We meet a new Riley, blowing out her 13th birthday candles with braces and a pimple on her chin. Puberty signals the arrival of new emotions, and we are introduced to Envy, Boredom, Embarrassment, and Anxiety. These new emotions disrupt Riley’s daily life, adding a new dimension to her emotional journey.

The story then focuses on Riley’s future as she attends an ice hockey camp and faces crucial situations and choices without her parents. Maintaining the same dynamic as the first film, the narrative oscillates between Riley’s life and the events at Headquarters. As she grapples with her new emotions, the film carefully shifts its pace, offering a fluidity that allows both children and adults to appreciate the scenes and the humor that occasionally emerges.

If the first installment of ‘Inside Out’ was a smash hit in 2015, it’s nine years later that the second one is now appearing on the big screens. And we can say that the enthusiasm is still present. It’s one of the best openings for an animated film from the studios! This may be due to the fact that the children who watched the first film have grown up and, recognizing themselves in the first film, find themselves again in the second. In any case, if you loved the first film, you’re going to enjoy the second one. As for us, it won us over.