‘The Watchers’: When Fear Lurks in the Darkness

While going to see the second installment of “Inside Out,” we took the opportunity to check out “The Watchers,” a horror film still playing in theaters in France. The trailer intrigued us, and here’s our review:

As night falls, Mina is rescued from the dark depths of the forest by Madeline, Ciara, and Daniel, who reside in a bunker with one entire wall being a one-way mirror. Every night, mysterious creatures called the Watchers observe their prisoners through this mirror. Escaping by dawn is impossible, as it takes more than a day’s walk to get out of the forest. Trapped, Mina will do everything in her power to escape these creatures.

The storyline is very appealing. The blend of surveillance and nocturnal horrors creates a genuinely frightening combo for the audience. The mystery lies in the nature of the deadly creatures that inhabit the mysterious forest and only appear at night to observe their victims. The film does spend time on details that seem unnecessary. ‘The Watchers’ focuses more on showing how the characters urinate rather than how they manage to live together with limited resources and no accessible escape route. This is evident throughout the film. It’s a missed opportunity not to portray the boredom and terror of being trapped in a bunker for months. However, the film flows well, and the atmosphere is gripping. A few twists keep viewers on the edge of their seats throughout.

In the end, we had a good time watching ‘The Watchers’. We would have liked a bit more detail and more adventures, but it’s still a good film. There are still a few days left to see it in theaters, so don’t wait!