Koroshi Ai : the anime you do not want to miss this winter

We may have the anime of the winter season ! If you are a fan of the Netflix series “You” and that you love crazy stories, this anime is made for you ! The SoundsOfSeries team presents you ‘Koroshi Ai’ better known as ‘Love of Kill’.

Son Ryang-ha et Chateau Dankworth

What is it about ?

During one of these bounty hunting missions, Chateau Dankworth meets Son Ryang-ha, a professional hitman. During a confrontation Son Ryang-ha falls in love with Chateau. A seduction game therefore starts… but it is one way ! Indeed, Chateau is not interested at all but that does not stop Son who will follow her, help her in exchange of rendez-vous. We will then follow the two characters’ evolution throughout the episodes.

Official synopsis of ‘Love of Kill’:

Castle Dankworth is a bounty hunter. Her target: Son Ryang-ha, a notorious killer known for killing 18 high-ranking senior officials in a single night. To this day, his murders remain swift, efficient and bloody. However, after Son Ryang-ha defeats Chateau during their first encounter, he reveals his own intentions: he also is after her, aiming for her heart.

The two first episodes are available on Crunchyroll. Love of Kill can clearly become the anime of the winter season just like Tokyo Revengers this summer. The first dark episodes already put us in the mood. We are so excited to see more to know if Son Ryang-ha will succeed to conquer Chateau.

For the most impatient :

The anime is based off the manga of the same name. If just like us you are impatient to see more, you can find the manga right here !