CELEBRITY: Our opinion on the first episode!

The Korean series “Celebrity” has just hit Netflix, and it probably will captivate viewers with its exploration of the themes of fame, money and power. We recently watched the first episode and are ready to tell you all about it.


The series “Celebrity” plunges viewers into the dark and intriguing world of influencers. A world full of vices and deceit, where characters will do anything to achieve fame. At the center of the story is Seo A-ri, who chooses to share her journey with her 1.3 million followers on Instagram during a live show. From a wealthy background, Seo A-ri and her mother went bankrupt following the death of her father. A few years later, she met up with an old high school friend who had become a major influencer. It was at this precise moment that Seo A-ri’s life took a decisive turn: she launched herself into the world of influencing.


We just watched the first episode of the series. Rich in information, it sets the scene for what is coming next. From the outset, we sense the unhealthy aspect of the world of influence, with its betrayals, hypocrisy and madness. The series seeks to show that everything is not idyllic in this universe. It becomes clear that Seo A-ri is determined to settle scores with the other female influencers who have crossed her path, as we see from the start of her live show, where we observe their panic. Finally, the first episode concludes with a scene that undeniably arouses the desire to continue watching, promising twists and turns to come. If the “Queen Charlotte” series attracted a lot of attention last month, we think this Korean series will also be a great success.


The series has been available on Netflix since June 30, 2023. It consists of 12 episodes averaging 45 minutes each. To be continued…