House of the Dragon : the second season will be shorter

The news just came out: the second season of House of the Dragon will be shorter than the previous one. But don’t panic, it’s for a good cause. Let us explain it all to you.

The source Deadline announced exclusively during the night that the sequel to the Game of Thrones prequel would have fewer episodes than the previous season. Indeed, if it was originally supposed to fit in 10 episodes, it will finally contain 8, so two less than the first season.

The reason given by the showrunner of the series Ryan Condal and George R.R. Martin – the creator of the books on which the series is based – is that they both try to see things in a big way. Instead of planning to cut the events season by season, they prefer to think about the overall plan for a better final result in the long run. This will allow them to better pace the show so that House of the Dragon becomes as unforgettable as Game of Thrones.

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The news may disappoint some fans. However, it is offset by another announcement. While the production of the second season is on the rails (for an expected release in the summer of 2024), HBO would already be ready to give its agreement for a season 3.

It would even be likely to be followed by a fourth season, but Ryan Condal and George R.R. Martin are still hesitating on the best way to divide the writer’s work.