Spy x Family, one of the most anticipated anime of the season

A few months ago, we presented you Spy x Family, a manga by Tatsuya Endo published since 2019. Today, we are going to talk to you about its adaptation in anime.

On April 9, fans of the manga Spy x Family finally had the opportunity to see the first episode of the anime. Announced since several months, Spy x Family is born from the collaboration between WIT studios (known for their adaptation of the first three seasons of Attack of the Titans) and CloverWorks (who recently made My Dress-Up Darling, another hit of the season).

As a reminder, Spy x Family tells us the story of Twilight, one of the best spies of his generation. He is given a new mission: to become the father of a model family in order to get closer to his target. In only one week…

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Broadcasted on Saturdays at 5:30 pm on Crunchyroll, the first season of the anime is composed of 25 episodes, separated in two parts. You can already find the first two episodes on the streaming platform. So what are these first episodes worth?

Well, you won’t be disappointed! The studios WIT and CloverWorks honor their reputation with an animation faithful to the manga with dynamic scenes. The music echoes the most famous spy movie music and immerses us in the epic atmosphere of the spy genre. The characters are colorful, the contrasts specific to each are perfectly represented. We find from their introduction, the complexity of these characters. And of course, they are always so endearing (special mention for the adorable Anya who melts our hearts).

So, if you still had doubts, don’t wait any longer! Go see Spy x Family and let this extraordinary family take you on their crazy adventures!