Empire Conventions : a new online convention !

If there is one organization that likes challenges, it’s them! Indeed, after announcing a convention on the universe of Shadow & Bone while the series was not even available yet, it is with Heartstopper that they continue. We had the chance to see the series in preview, and we can tell you that the actors will be your new favorites.

An online convention and a physical one

As said in the last announcement, there will be an online convention and a physical convention in Paris. There is no date yet for the Paris convention, but for the virtual one, we can already tell you that it will take place on May 21st. And yes, in one month, you will have the opportunity to have a first contact with the actors of the series before seeing them again in Paris. The actors will be able to talk about the shooting, their reactions to the hype and the fans. We are really curious to know if they loved the show like we did!

An announcement never comes alone : we know the first guest !

Aïe aïe aïe.. I don’t think everyone was expecting an announcement, and especially this kind of announcement. Indeed, Joe Locke will be present at the convention! Joe plays the role of Charlie, the character who is the center of attention. This is his very first time as an actor. We hope he can give us his impressions.
Like all online conventions, Joe will probably do a panel, autographs, 1-1’s and maybe some other activities. We can’t wait to see the rest of the guest list! And we hope the Charlie/Nick duo will be reunited!